Does Burghli Homes determine who receives Down Payment Assistance?

No, the Homebuyer Assistance Program (HAP) is administered by Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department. You can find out more information at

Do you have more affordable homes in other areas of the city?

We are currently focusing on building in the Acres Homes area but we are planning on expanding the program in the near future. Stay tuned!

What appliances come with the homes?

All of our homes include a dishwasher and a range. Select homes include a refrigerator and an over-the-range microwave.


Does the price listed include the lot?

Yes, all of our listed prices include the lot.

I am a realtor, how do I show the homes?

Our homes are available for viewing using the Supra Key System and are available to view at any time. Call us at 713-691-3948 to find out which homes are available for viewing.

I don't have a realtor, how do I view the homes?

Call us at 713-691-3948 and we will schedule you for our next available viewing time.


What is the first step to becoming a homeowner?

Pre-approval is a useful step to take before starting your search for a home. By sharing some information about your income and debt, a lender can provide you with a letter stating how much you qualify for. Or we would be happy to meet with you to guide you on your first step to Home Ownership.

How do I find a lender?

You can select any lender of your choice, however if you are interested in applying for Down Payment Assistance, it is important to use a lender who is knowledgable about the programs. Make sure to ask your lender about the City of Houston HAP program. Or, we would be happy to meet with you and refer you to a list of lenders that are familiar with how the Down Payment Assistance program works to get you on the right track to Home Ownership.

I have bad credit, what do you recommend?

We recommend visiting with a credit repair company so you can get the best possible credit score. Call us at 713-691-3948 so we can refer you to a NON Profit group that can help with Credit Repair.